Spa Nights

Hello lovelies,

My life has been hectic the last few months, from family and work issues to my own health problems and I’ve been run down and exhausted for far too long. I’m not someone who pampers herself alot but I’ve decided that it’s exactly what I need to get back to a happy, relaxed state of mind and I’ve decided that once a week I am going to have a home spa night! I actually had one tonight and it was fantastic, I am so relaxed and ready for bed. I wanted to share what I do when I have one of these relaxing evenings, so that if maybe someone is looking for new ideas for your own spa night you might get some inspiration from mine. 🙂

Spa Night1:Get in the mood
I start to really unwind and de-stress from a hectic week by putting on my best lazy day clothes, throwing my hair up in a messy bun and making a yummy dinner for myself.

Music is a must for me when I’m trying to relax, it just puts me in a zone where I can free my mind from the worries of the day and focus on the now. I usually pick a relaxing playlist from spotify or songza and head into the bathroom to finally take off my makeup.

3: Bath time
A spa night is not complete without a nice long hot bath (or shower),so I light my favourite candle, throw a relaxing sent in my bath and start to enjoy my evening. I recently picked up the sleep aromatherapy body wash/foam bath in lavender chamomile from bath and body works, it’s such a soothing scent. I find it perfect for relaxation. Also, while I’m taking a bath I always have a huge tumbler of water with me just so I don’t get dehydrated. I feel like I love water a little too much, i always need to have it with me. 😛 I have my shower in the mornings so I’m already clean but if I want to take my spa night a bit further, I will usually do a hair mask and use body scrub to pamper myself a little more.

4: Moisturize
After getting out of my bath I like to smother myself with body lotion (I use the sleep aromatherapy one that goes with the body wash) and start with my usual night time skin care routine.

5: Tea
To end my night I will brew myself a hot cup of green chai tea and settle in my reading chair with a good book. I find that it’s the perfect way to end the day. Once I’m done my tea, I’ll go brush my teeth and climb into bed and take a moment to write in my journal. By this time I’m usually so relaxed it doesn’t take me long to fall asleep.

My spa night isn’t anything extravagant but it’s perfect for me to center myself for the upcoming week and it reminds me that life is not about rushing around and stressing about silly things and what I have to do. I really think that everyone should take a night to bring them back to the moment, life moves so fast that it all goes by in a flash.. I don’t want to miss it working and worrying.

I hope everyone is happy and having an amazing Thursday!


I’m Back!!

Hey lovelies,

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I last posted and I’m sorry for that; life has been.. challenging to say the least the last few months and I’m just getting back on my feet and getting back into the wonderful world of blogging. So please be patient with me a little while longer while I find my groove. I don’t want to set myself an specific blogging goals because I know with what I have going on right now it probably won’t be possible but I will try to post fairly regularly.

I hope everyone had an awesome Wednesday 🙂


June Small Classic UrthBox Review

Hello lovelies!
I recently signed up with Urthbox which is a monthly subscription service where you receive healthy foods, beverages and snacks. If you read my last post you’ll know I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle and I thought this box would be great to help me find new products I can incorporate into my life.


You have a choice of a small (7-10 products), medium (12-15 Products) or a large box (20-24 products) and there are also 4 types of boxes you can choose from: Classic, Vegan, Gluten free and diet. I chose the small classic for $29/monthly + $6 shipping since I live in Canada ($24 on a 3 month plan or $19 on a 6 month plan)

When I first open the box there are two cards ontop, one is about earning member points and the other is a information card which reads:

Ohhhh no honey… there’s no June Gloom out here. We’re just getting warmed up… This month indulge in a delicious discovery of great new products that you can be sure to know are healthy and manufactured properly. Sit back relax and get your snack on… because you’ve got a lot to chew on this month. “


After taking off the cards you can see this box is packed full of deliciousness. Let’s get to the goodies!


Katapult Daily Survival Superfood in tomato basil flax
Natural sins – Crispy mango thins
Peeled – apple clusters in berry crunch
Home free – mini vanilla cookies  


Superfood protein smoothie in milk chocolate
Vintage Italia Pasta Chips in Garlic Olive Oil
Seaweed Original Roasted Seaweed
Smooch Mango, Pineapple and banana fruit snack

Bonus: Caroline’s Vegetarian taco filling 

Overall, I liked this box, I found some great snacks that I really enjoy! Is it worth the price tag? I have yet to decide. I can’t wait to see what next month’s box has for me!

Anyone else trying out Urthbox? Opinions?

Hope everyone had an amazing Saturday!

June Health Goals

Hello lovelies!

I hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday! I can’t believe I’m going to be 21 on Wednesday, it’s crazy how fast this year is going by! I made a small blog post a little while ago saying I was going to be posting more about health and fitness, along with my usual beauty posts and I feel this is a great time to start, I’m going to be another year older and I want this year to be the year that I kick myself into shape and just live my life better.

I thought for my first health related post I would put up my June goals, I feel by posting them to all of you it will help me actually maintain them and be accountable for getting them done!


1. Eat 3 meals a day, starting with breakfast! – I have terrible eating habits, I usually eat maybe 1 meal a day plus some sugary treat to keep my energy up. I want to start eating properly and that starts with breakfast, I’m one of those people who just jump out of bed 20 minutes before I have to go to work, throw on my uniform and I’m out the door. I really need to start getting up alittle earlier and have some sort of breakfast, even if it’s just a morning protein shake atleast I’ll have something in my stomach.

2. Exercise atleast 3x a week – I love working out but I suck at motivating myself to get up and exercise, I recently have gotten back in archery so I’m hoping that will get me back in the mood. I plan on running 2-3x a week, plus archery and weight training 1-2x a week just to start with.

3. Decrease my sugar intake – I have a huge sugar tooth, put something sweet in front of me I will probably eat it and I think that has been one of the hardest things for me to overcome in my past endevours to get fit and eat healthy. Before, I would usually try and just completely cut out all sugar and obviously that isn’t going to work, so I’ve decided that I will allow myself something sweet 3x a week and every month I will decrease it until sugar isn’t a main part of my eating habits.

4. Only weigh myself once a week – I get alittle obsessive when I start trying to lose weight and I’ll weigh myself 3-4x a day, even though I know your weight changes throughout the day, I still feel the need to keep checking and then I’ll get upset and discouraged when it does change alittle. So, my June goal is ONCE a week.

5. Keep track of what I eat – I can’t count calories because it’s also something I will get obsessed with but I do want to write down what I’m eating throughout the day, just to make sure I’m sticking with my goal of eating 3 meals a day and be able to look back on the day to see if what I ate was healthy.

6. Cut down on eating out – It’s hard not to eat out when your surrounded my yummy food all day but I really don’t have the money to eat out as much as I do and it’s not the healthiest I could be eating. So instead of 4-5 days a week like I have been doing, I want to get it down to 1-2x a week, the food where I work isn’t completely unhealthy, I make it so i know most of what’s in it, which is why I’m going to still allow myself to get my tilapia with butternut squash 1-2x a week.

And there you have it, my June goals! I’m going to try my hardest to stick with them and at the end of the month before posting my July goals, I will do alittle recap of June and tell you if this month was a success. I also have a fitness page on tumblr, if you would like to follow me there! fit-inspired93

Have an amazing day!!



Quick imPresss Press on manicure review

Disclaimer: I recieved these products complimentary from influenster for testing purposes

All opinions are my own.

Hello my lovelies!

** Influenster – A free service where you can earn badges by answering a small set of questions in categories like beauty, outdoors, food, pets etc..Their most active members can qualify to receive boxes of products to try and review. It’s completely free to join. IMG_20140517_231727 IMG_0960

This is my first box from influenster and I am very happy that I got to be a part of this one. The Broadway imPRESS press-on manicure box came with two sets of press-on nails, one called Evil Queen –which I’m wearing in the picture– and the other set is called Hottie.

Lasts up to a week
fast and easy ( No drying time)
Wears twice as long as other press-on nails
Easy removal
I had these nails on for about 3 days, I went to work with them and unfortunately 2 came off and I had to reapply with nail glue I had brought with me just in case, I don’t work in a rough environment, but I do work with food so prepping, opening containers, the heat and lots of water.. it didn’t surprise me that a couple fell off.
I did have these on for two days when I wasn’t working and I had no issues with them.
In the end they lasted me 3 days, I had to take them off since I did work the rest of the week and I didn’t want them getting in the way. I think that it is possible that these nails could have lasted me a week and I plan on testing that with the other set when I go on vacation. These nails are priced at $8.99 for colours and $10.99 for patterns. If you want to learn more about them you can visit

Would I purchase? Not for everyday wear but if I had a wedding to go to, or was going on vacation and I wanted something simple and fast that wouldn’t give me any hassel, then absolutely.

Once I wear the other nails for an entire week, I will do a full review.

I hope everyone is having an amazing Monday and Holiday! I know I’m happy to be off work for Victoria Day!!

Top 3 Spring Lipsticks

Hello Lovelies!

Spring has sort of sprung here in Canada and I thought I would share my favourite lipsticks for spring!
I love pinks and oranges for spring and summer, it’s kind of an obsession actually,
My top 3 lipsticks, in no particular order are:

1. 103 by Rimmel
2. A Colour Whisper in Orange Attitude by Maybelline
3.  Candy Yum Yum by MAC



I adore all my lipsticks, the lips are my favourite part of any make up look  but orange attitude and 103 are the ones I reach for the most when spring rolls around.
I just purchased Candy Yum Yum and am already in love, it was an instant favourite, I have been wearing it basically everyday since I got it. I’ve got so many compliments on it at work, such a vibrant and beautiful pink.

I hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday!

Spring Nights Makeup Look.

Hello my lovelies!
Spring is here, sort of.

If you live in Canada, you know what I’m talking about, two days ago it was snowing, it’s beautiful out today but by the end of the week, it’ll be back to cold rain/snow.. I wish the weather would make up it’s mind.
So, to make it feel more like spring I’ve been trying to incorporate spring colours into my wardrobe and makeup. My friend Elissa was kind enough to let me use her as my model, if you want to see a spring inspired outfit, I took some pictures of Elissa for her blog (

I love spring, especially spring nights, it’s when my friends start having bonfires and parties again; it reminds me that summer is just around the corner. So, because I love spring nights so much, I decided to do a make up look that I would wear out.

Let’s begin.
I will be using the Urban Decay Naked Palette for the eye look.

before_wm step 1_wm

The first thing I did was put her concealer and foundation on, both being the FIT ME by Maybelline, I am very envious because she has basically no blemishes, I just had to put the concealer on under her eyes and a light layer of foundation. After, I filled in her eyebrows with Lavish Mink by Estee Launder.

step 2_wm

Next, after priming her eyes with the Urban Decay Primer Potion, I took buck from the naked palette and put it in her crease with a crease brush.  Then with a flat shadow brush I applied Virgin to the lid, from the inner corner to about the middle of her eye.

step 3_wm step 5_wm

I then took toasted and applied it to her outer V and blended it up into her crease about half way. For eyeliner I used two kinds, I first started with N.Y.C Liquid liner but I accidently messed up on it, so I finished it by touching it up with the Stila stay all day, waterproof liquid eye liner (my favourite liner.. ever) I did end up making it thicker than orignally planned but none the less, I liked the way it turned out.

step 4_wm tcomplete eye_wm

I mixed creep and toasted, then applied it to the bottom lash line, almost all the way but not quite. And last but not least for the eyes is mascara, I have been LOVING the It’s so BIG mascara by Elizabeth Mott. There you have it the completed eye look.

step 6_wm

As for blush, I had Elissa pick which colour she wanted, she ended up picking Precious Pink from the Stila portrait of a perfect blush cheek palette. I thought that this was the perfect colour for spring and would go great with the lipstick I had picked out.


Last but  definitely not least, since lipstick is my favourite part of any make up look, I chose a bright pink for this look, Grand Rouge by Yves Rocher. I really enjoy this look, especially for evening wear, it’s not too much but it still makes your eyes pop.
The colour in the picture, does not do this lipstick justice. In real life, it’s a very vibrant pink.

And there you have it, my spring nights make up look!



I hope everyone has had an amazing Monday!!

Lazy Day Tag!

Hello lovelies!

I hope everyone had an amazing Thursday, I unfortunately didn’t. I was very excited for today because I was suppose to go to the Hedley concert tonight in Toronto but alas, I woke up feeling under the weather and spent the day in bed watching youtube videos. While watching videos, I noticed that some of the people I was subscribed to were doing something called the “Lazy Day Tag” and after watching a few, I decided to do it myself!

So, there are 5 categories in this tag, I’ll just be going through each and tell you what I do, simple enough 🙂


On a lazy day, I really don’t do much with my hair. Just a little bit on my CAKE dry shampoo, then I’ll put it up in a pony tail, bun or a braid, viola! lazy day hair.


If i NEED to go out, I’ll do very light make up.
– Marcelle BB cream
–  Benefits Boiing concealer
– Be a bombshell blush in love me
– Stila liquid eyeliner
– They’re Real Mascara
– Maybelline Baby Lips
But more times than not,if I’m doing a lazy day… I’m spending my day indoors, so there will be NO makeup on this face.


Ah yes, the outfit. My lovely attire is usually my Old Navy comfy pants, seriously these pants.. are the comfiest things in the world, I wish I could stay in them for the rest of my life.
The top is usually my biggest sweater with a tank underneath. And to top off this amazing outfit are my family guy “Brian” slippers, 


BOTH! I love both coffee and tea. I’ll start off my lazy day with Folgers caramel drizzle coffee and end my day with a nice steaming cup of sleepy time tea.


I have two pampering items on a lazy day, or really any day that I need to relax alittle bit. First is my bath and body works candle in fireside, this is by far my favourite candle by them, it just smells exactly like I’m sitting by a crackling fire and it’s so cozy! My other product is also a bath and body works item, it’s their cashmere body lotion. it makes my skin smell amazing and leaves my skin very smooth.

There you have it! The lazy day tag. And of course I tag all of you, but especially my lovely friend Elissa, she just started a blog and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!

I hope all my lovelies have an amazing Friday!

Top Box Vs. Beauty Box 5

Hey my lovelies!! 

I woke up this morning and headed down the street to get the mail and was very surprised that both my beauty box 5 and topbox showed up on the same day! So, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to compare the two boxes for this month! 

After looking through both the boxes, I noticed that the theme this month is skin care, I only got one make up product from BB5, I definitely don’t mind this because I have been trying to change up my skin care routine.  Now, let’s get into the boxes.. 





The card that came with the box this month says
Out with the old, in with the new! this month we’re making move and making room by throwing out the make up we didn’t use, putting a stop to bad habits and focusing on our top goal: clean, gorgeous skin.” 

– Tree Hut Shea Body Butter in Coconut Lime (this stuff smells incredible.. I want to eat it)
-Jane’s Pick All Natural Soaps in Patience: black spruce,fir needle and rosewood (another great smelling product) 
– Bellapierre Cosmetics: MakeUp Base, it can be used as a concealer, illumator and eyeshadow primer.
– Swissco Dual Sided Facial Pad
– H20 Plus Hand and Nail Cream

The H20 cream isn’t in the picture because I gave it to my mom, I already got it in a different months box.
I quite happy with this month’s box, I was really considering cancelling my subscripton to BB5, but maybe I’ll give it a couple more months. 



ImageNow, onto TopBox! 

– Clinique Superprimer face primer ( Sample size) 
– Belvada Cosmetics: Black head facial mask, it came with two packets. 
– LashEm 3-in-1 eye Bright, I’m really excited to try this product! It has a spicy scent. 
– Miracle 10 Skincare, Rich Moisture ( good size sample) 

I really liked this months box and I can’t wait to try the LashEm 3-in1 Eye bright, it came in full size ($40 value), the Miracle 10 cream smells a bit off.. but I’ll give it a chance. 

Out of the two boxes, I think Beauty Box 5 takes it this month, even though I was really happy with the products I got with TopBox, I just think I will probably be more inclined to grab something from BB5 box since it had more variety – makeup, soap, moisturizer and face sponge- it’s not all for your face. 

 It’s now 11:30pm where I live, so it’s time for me to climb into bed and read a book! 

I hope everyone has had an amazing Monday!!! 

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Quick Post! News!

Hello lovelies!!!

I just wanted to do a quick post.

I just wanted to tell eveyone that I am going to start doing some food blogs on here aswell. I’ve started to really eat as healthily as possible and have found some amazing recipes and tips. So, I thought I would share.  I really think that eating healthy and beauty go hand in hand. Of course, Ill still be posting about beauty but I really want to incorporate food and health into my blog.

I hope my followers are okay with that! 🙂

Hopefully all of you lovelies are having an amazing sunday!  Ill have a new post up very soon. 🙂